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What do you think

posted Aug 11, 2010 21:31:30 by JordanElizabethCobb
Please let me know what you all think. Its a safe place where you can put any thoughts down for a topic that we can all talk about!
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JeremiahCobb said Aug 14, 2010 03:16:51
I think people should know that there not alone and hope that the word can spread and someday change the out come of HD. Spread the word people Spread the word !!!!
JeremiahCobb said Aug 17, 2010 04:53:46
I think that some day we will and I pray that, that someday is in my mom and sisters life time because I am losing them and other family. Somtimes when the people with HD get to a certian point they forget that they were happy healthy people at one time. I am sad to see this happening to my family!
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